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Launch Housing Report: Public perceptions of homelessness 2020

27 August, 2020 | 

Launch Housing, a well-established, not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne, offers transformative housing initiatives to provide continual support and care for those experiencing homelessness. They are committed to better understanding and helping shape the public perception and attitudes towards homelessness. 

Pureprofile recently partnered with Launch Housing and marketing science consultancy, Forethought, on a study that investigated the perceptions of homelessness within Melbourne. Taking place throughout July 2020, it was vitally important to also measure how these perceptions may have changed recently due to the impact of COVID-19. 

We were able to launch the survey quickly to a representative sample of people who live in Melbourne. The key learnings from this study can be summarised as follows:

  • Melburnians had a very narrow view on what homelessness looks like
  • Despite the narrow view of homelessness, there was a high level of empathy
  • The vast majority of Melburnians said it is the government’s responsibility to solve homelessness 

This report is the first step in giving Launch Housing and Forethought some powerful insight into how they can appeal to public perceptions and work to shift broader attitudes. We were very pleased to be able to assist our partners with this important research study.
Download the full report here.

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