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Increased online shopping & consumer expectations of brands

8 September, 2021 | 

Originally published: Research News Live, 6 September 2021

New research released today by IAB Australia (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and Pureprofile has found that marketers will need to shift gears into 2022 to ensure they provide satisfying omnichannel shopping experience amidst escalating consumer expectations.  The Australian Ecommerce Report 2021, which was conducted in June this year at a time when most of Australia was out of lockdown and people had resumed some of their pre-covid lifestyle, also flagged local, sustainable and ethical brands as the biggest winners in the year ahead, particularly for direct-to-consumer brand shoppers.

Based on research conducted with 1,000 Australian online shoppers examining the consumer attitudes, behaviours and influences driving ecommerce in Australia, the Australian Ecommerce Report 2021 found that there has been a fundamental shift in consumer shopping behaviour driven by COVID-19 and Australian retailers have adapted with investments in digital transformation that have resulted in extraordinary growth in ecommerce expenditure.

The Report also found that while convenience was named by 76% of online shoppers as the biggest driver of online shopping and one that was worth paying a premium for, it’s no longer a strong differentiator for brands to simply be online and offer choice.  Marketers will now need to ensure they are consistently reviewing the entire buying journey they offer their customers, from the research phase through to delivery of the goods purchased.

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