What do Australians most value in life?

Research News Live: What do Australians most value in life?

Originally published: Research News Live, 11 March 2019

What values do Australians hold dear individually and collectively? What values underpin how Australians spend their time and money?

Answers to these questions are revealed in the report, What do we value?, the initial findings of The Values Project, a three-year longitudinal study. This project is a joint initiative undertaken by The University of Western Australia in partnership with global data and insights company Pureprofile. 

Analysis of surveys obtained from almost 7500 respondents, recruited from the Pureprofile Australian panel, were used to understand and describe Australian values and how they relate to everyday behaviour across the adult lifespan.

Ultimately, the findings aim to help Australian businesses and institutions better serve the needs of their employees and customers through a deeper understanding of societal and individual values.

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