The Values Project report

The Values Project report

Values are motivational goals that reflect what is important in life. They give meaning to the things we do. And, we all naturally think that what is important to us, should be important to everyone else. But this is not the case. In fact, and fortunately for our society, people differ widely in terms of their value priorities.

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  • 11 basic human values
  • The psychological nature of values
  • How value priorities differ among social categories, such as: gender, family situation, education level, religiosity and age
  • How values relate to the way in which people spend their money

Overall, the findings clearly show that values influence how Australians spend their time and money. This report provides an understanding of the important role values play in people’s lives.


Download The Values Project report 

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About The Values Project

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About The Values Project

The Values Project is a joint initiative between Pureprofile, The University of Western Australia and the Australian Research Council. The data from our research positively impacts our understanding of each other as Australians, and as global citizens. It also makes a powerful contribution to the way brands communicate to consumers and the development and delivery of values-aligned products and services.


The aim of The Values Project

In order to examine the complex relationships between people’s values and their behaviours, the specific aims of The Values Project are outlined below:

  1. Build an interactive online values survey to help people understand their own values and provide insight to our survey respondents
  2. Create basic knowledge about Australian societal and individual values;
  3. Understand how values change across the adult lifespan;
  4. Understand how values relate to behaviour across the adult lifespan
  5. Help Australian businesses and institutions better serve the needs of their employees and customers through a deeper understanding of societal and individual values.