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About The Values Project

The Values Project is a joint initiative between Pureprofile, The University of Western Australia and the Australian Research Council. The data from our research positively impacts our understanding of each other as Australians, and as global citizens. It also makes a powerful contribution to the way brands communicate to consumers and the development and delivery of values-aligned products and services.

The Values Project report

The current report focuses on initial insights from the first year of a three-year longitudinal study of Australians’ values across the adult lifespan. Specifically, this report explores the nature of values – what Australians’ values are, and how they relate to the way in which people spend their time and money.

Why Pureprofile?

Pureprofile leverages its unique technology platform to create a deeply profiled, global consumer community and to facilitate a direct and genuine connection between individual consumers and brands.

This technology allows us to match respondents to relevant research opportunities in addition to personalised insights, product recommendations and content that aligns to their unique profile.

Values Survey

How we conducted the research

The surveys

Pureprofile members were recruited to join the three-year research study according to their age and gender. All respondents first completed the values measure, and were then invited to complete a series of short five-minute surveys.

The sample

This project was designed to gain insight into the stability and change in human values and their expression across the adult lifespan. For this purpose, we employed a cross-sequential sample design, based on 14 four-year age groups between 18 to 75 years from the Pureprofile Australian panel. We aimed to recruit 500 from each age group, with equal gender in each.

The analyses

The Values Project fielded a series of short 5-7 minute surveys over an eight week period. Individual’s responses to each survey were merged into a master dataset. In this process, we removed duplicate cases, where participants had submitted more than one response. We kept the first complete response and discarded any others.

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