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Video: OMD & Pureprofile – Increasing data quality in quantitative research

11 August, 2020 | 

Katiemay Gardner, Account Director at Pureprofile presented alongside global media communications agency, OMD at this year’s Research Society National Conference. Watch the video below to see the full presentation.

Abstract: We live in a world where our attention is constantly being courted. As consumers, we are bombarded with information and competition for our diminishing attention spans. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, the average human attention span currently sits at about 8 seconds, a notable decrease from the previously published 12 seconds in 2000.

This puts market research at risk. If we are not creating engaging market research with proven practices, we risk losing our most important asset – the ability to engage with consumers to obtain high quality data and insights. If we do not ask the right questions how can we uncover the right insights? We risk making bold conclusions and big decisions on the wrong foundation.

OMD Australia’s market research division, Marketing Intelligence, and global data and insights company, Pureprofile, partnered to study the best ways to ask questions in online surveys that improve both respondent experience and inform best practice.

We surveyed 10,000 nationally representative respondents (age, gender, location and income) and tested different versions of commonly asked questions. With insights from this study we can unlock the most meaningful consumer insights while helping to secure the future of quantitative market research.


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Stay up to date with our latest news, insights and trends reports