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IAB Australian ecommerce report 2022

Australian ecommerce report

Due to increased consumer anxiety around the rising cost of living, the Australian retail sector has seen major shifts in shopper attitudes both online and offline. 

In conjunction with these economic pressures, the pandemic has changed retail habits for good, speeding up the adoption of ecommerce for brands and consumers. Despite this, many shoppers still desire to shop in-store, requiring marketers to provide a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. 

Pureprofile and IAB Australia have partnered for a second consecutive year to provide crucial insights into the current state of ecommerce in Australia.

Download the full report to uncover:

  • The growth of the online retail sector
  • Changes in online shopping behaviours
  • The leading influences and motives to purchase
  • Retail media & communication strategies
  • Key trends in the direct-to-consumer space
  • Loyalty and reward program engagement

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