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Infographic: Easter tales from around the world

4 April, 2023 | 

Easter is a time for many around the world to celebrate (and enjoy a few days off work if you can!).

We surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,299 Pureprofile panellists from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA to find out about their egg-citing Easter plans and spending habits.

Here’s what we discovered:

Due to the increased cost of living, 52% of Kiwis will spend less than usual this Easter, followed by Aussies (46%), Brits (36%) and Americans (33%)

Where to take the first bite? More than ¾ of all chocolate Easter bunny eaters like to take their first bite from the ears, with less than 8% starting at the tail

69% of Kiwis will spend up to $50 on eggs, as will 60% of Aussies and 35% of Americans, while 65% of Brits will spend up to £25

Some people won’t be buying any eggs at all… with 23% of Americans, 17% of Brits, 14% of Aussies and 6% of Kiwis skipping the chocolate aisle

Aussies say spending time with loved ones is their favourite thing to do at Easter time (37%), compared to Brits and Kiwis (32%) and Americans (24%)

Less than 10% of all respondents say travel is their most preferred activity over the Easter period

The infographic below represents the key findings from the research:

Pureprofile Easter tales from around the world

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Stay up to date with our latest news, insights and trends reports