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Understand more of your customers

Enable personalised, data-driven marketing with rich customer insights. Achieve higher engagement and ROI

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Get to know more of your customers with deep, perpetual profiling and self-declared data and insights.


Use rich insights to attract the right consumers with relevant and timely messaging.

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Fuse insights with digital media buying to expand your reach and target more of the customers that matter.

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Real-time dashboards provide results and actionable insights to fuel marketing decisions.

Put customers at the centre of your business
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Customer Insights Platform

Put customers at the centre of your business. Centralise your data, engage your digital community, and action crucial insights in real-time.

Digital Advertising

Reach more of the customers that matter with tailored digital advertising solutions. Expand your reach and engage audiences with personalised and relevant content.

Survey Widget

Discover new insights to deepen the customer experience. Pureprofile’s survey solutions allows you to quickly and seamlessly integrate customisable, simple surveys within your website.

Brand Impact

Optimise your ongoing media spend. Through Pureprofile’s proprietary panel of 250,000 consumers we can identify the uplift relevant to these key Brand Impact metrics.

Client success stories

Case Study Auckland arts festival thumb

Auckland Arts Festival were looking to increase conversion rates

Cook Islands Tourism transform consumer perceptions

Cook Islands Tourism transform consumer perceptions

Car insurance business achieves significant reduction in customer acquisition costs

Car insurance business achieves significant reduction in customer acquisition costs

Harmoney increases audience engagement and reduces conversion window

Harmoney increases audience engagement and reduces conversion window

Brands we work with

News from the blog

  • At a time when consumer trust is at an all time low, businesses must take a proactive approach when it comes to data privacy and compliance. Not only are consumers becoming more concerned about their personal data being harvested for commercial gain, but governments around the world are passing stringent legislation around the gathering, storage and use of data. ...

  • “Declared data” is a hot topic in today’s marketing circles, but what does it actually mean? And why is it being proclaimed as the future for people-based marketing and customer experience (CX)? Declared data is information that has been explicitly shared by a consumer in an informed and consenting way.......

  • Traditional digital advertising didnʼt always get the job done. In the past, digital advertising consisted of companies and businesses purchasing ad space on websites directly from dozens upon dozens of individual publishers hoping that their advertisement would reach their target audience. As technology has advanced, advertising today has become so......

News from the blog

  • When the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal was first made public in 2018,  Facebook’s market value dropped by 7% (that’s US$36 billion). The scandal, which centred around the illegal harvesting of 87 million Facebook profiles, represented the first time in history that technology giants were being called to task for the non-consensual......

  • There are plenty of negative generalisations about Millennials. They’ve been labelled as lazy, entitled, narcissistic and unreliable. In 2018, Purpose Business conducted a survey with more than 500 New Zealand Millennials on the Pureprofile panel and set out to understand how Millennials differ from other generations, challenging our preconceptions about......

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