Pureprofile for Marketers


Gain deep customer insights. Drive higher customer engagement. Maximise ROI.

Pureprofile assists in identifying potential customers and engaging them in ongoing, meaningful interactions.


We uncover purchase intent and motivation while generating insights
that can inform your entire business.

Identify audience segments

Engage with customers

Understand customers

Increase your revenue

How you benefit 

Segment your audience

Using Pureprofile’s trusted profiling capabilities, tap into niche audience segments and deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.


Engage customers

By understanding who your customers are, you can interact with them in a meaningful way by delivering relevant and targeted campaigns, including programmatic advertising.

Understand your target market

Get a better understanding of your customers and discover new customer segments. Gain ongoing, trusted insights.

Increase revenue

Through deep and distinct audience profiles, target specific customers to increase brand awareness and drive sales.


Trusted profiling

When using Pureprofile’s powerful profiling capabilities, you gain insights that can inform all aspects of your business.

By engaging with your audience through research and conversations, you get a better picture of their attitudes and preferences.

This extensive knowledge of your audience can drive strategic business decisions across many departments, such as:

  • Editorial/content creation
  • Customer insights
  • Sales
  • Marketing (consumer and trade)
  • Product/audience experience/UX
  • Operations

Find customers by industry

Life & family

Work & education

Travel & transport

Food & drink

Health & fitness

Home & garden

Style & fashion

Money & finance

Society & news

Entertainment & leisure

What’s included:

  • Access to defined niche target customer segments (pre-defined by industry or custom designed by you)
  • Customer profiling including data modelling and profile imputation
  • Customer recruitment and engagement tools (surveys and polls) for easy profile-data collection
  • Research campaign templates
  • Progressive profiling of segments, groups and audience members
  • Access to fast, robust and significant data and insights
  • Target new customers through programmatic advertising
  • Flexible services and support packages

Brand Impact Studies

Pureprofile Brand Impact Studies enable you to isolate and evaluate the different elements of your campaign so you can focus on what’s driving the best outcomes.

Understand how brand awareness, consideration, consumer attitudes, key message communication and purchase intent are affected by:

Ad format

Creative execution

Advertising channel

View frequency


Marketing has changed forever.


The power is shifting to consumers, who now have more choice and control of the media and marketing messages they experience.

Our technology connects you to consumers on their terms to make your message stand out from the noise.

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