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UK Strikes: Where does the support lie?

8 February, 2023 | 

Strike action in the UK has been gaining momentum over recent months, with groups including teachers, civil servants, border control and bus drivers now uniting to rally in what has become the biggest UK strike in more than a decade.

Demands for higher pay to keep up with the rising cost of living and improved working conditions following labour shortages, have so far been met with limited success. 

With ongoing travel disruptions and recent school closures, how supportive is the British public in the wake of these strikes? And what prospects are there for negotiations between the unions and the government without stoking inflation? 

We asked 300 people in the United Kingdom, about their views on the current strike action and whether they see a resolution to the ongoing dispute. 

Here’s what we discovered:

Ambulance drivers, nurses and fire services are the groups that are most supported in the current UK strike action.

More than 60% of Brits think that all or some of the strikes are justified

Nearly 1/3 believe the strikes are an unnecessary disruption at this time. 

57% of Brits think the government should enter discussions and negotiate a deal to end the strikes.

30% of respondents say the government should step in only for some cases.

Less than 2 in 10 Brits believe the strikes will achieve their goals.

The infographic below represents the key findings from the research:

Infographic UK Strikes: Where does the support lie?

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