Digital advertising trend report 2018

The use of digital advertising, data and insights by Australian marketers

Pureprofile and the Australian Marketing Institute undertook this study to unpack current Digital Advertising trends and unveil how marketers are using digital advertising to engage audiences, which channels, platforms and tools are being implemented, and if there are any missed opportunities.

Key findings from our study uncovered the most popular channels; social, search & display — plus less used and perhaps under-utilised channels; native, digital outdoor, online TV and digital audio. Brand safety is used by relatively few marketers as a targeting criterion.

We also identified that research and data is well used for planning and implementing and less for understanding online behaviour – presenting a deeper opportunity for marketers as data sources continue to evolve. First-party data is used by the majority for digital campaigns confirming the opportunities in second and third party data sources.

  • 76% are using location and/or demographics, lifestyle (74%) and retargeting (67%) as targeting criteria. Only 18% use brand safety as a targeting criteria in digital campaigns.
  • 79% use first-party audience data and over half (65%) use digital ad campaign data. Few are accessing the value offered by second- and third-party data.

As marketers continue to find ways to creatively implement digital tools and strategies into their programs, we hope the findings in this study will go some way to perfecting the balance between short-term campaign wins and long-term consumer relationships.

Download the report now.

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