Consumer insights from the Australian Fitness Report

In order to understand the behaviours, motivations and habits around the way Australians approach exercise and fitness, Pureprofile conducted a study of 650 panel members to garner consumer insights around what is a constantly evolving industry.

The findings illustrate that the way people engage in different types of fitness activities has a direct relationship to their views on fitness – with marked differences across different age and gender groups. Download the full report here.

Specifically, the study was designed to gather data on:

  • Perceptions of fitness
  • Motivations and barriers to exercise
  • Types of fitness activities
  • Preferred workout styles
  • Intensity, frequency and duration of exercise sessions
  • Spending habits around fitness activities and fitness-related accessories
  • Use of wearable technology

Australian Fitness Trends Infographic

Some notable consumer insights that were uncovered from this study include:

Gender plays a big role when it comes to exercise motivations

The number one tangible reason people are motivated to exercise is for overall health and wellness benefits. When we look closely at this reason by gender, there is a trend upwards in men from 18-65 years. The opposite trend is observed in the female population.

The importance of fitness to an individual influences the type of exercise they do

68% of people who partake in weight training say that fitness is extremely important to them, compared to 36% of people who participate in walking as a form of exercise. 60% of walkers deem fitness to be only moderately important – that’s double the number of weight trainers who think the same thing.

Prevalence of gym use is largely dependant on age and gender

18-24 year old males represent the group with the highest proportion of gym goers. As men get older, gym use gradually drops off. In females, gym is more consistent across all age ranges.

Wearable technology use has an identifiable bearing on fitness perceptions

45% of wearable tech users say that being fit is extremely important to them, compared to just 25% of non-users.

Download the report now, for a more detailed view of this data or contact us to find out how you can understand the behaviours, motivations and habits of your customers.

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